POLE DANCE CLASSES…What Should I Expect?

You have probably seen pole fitness classes around, or maybe discussed trying it with a friend or two, maybe you’ve been referred to our studio by a friend, so, where do you get started?

If you know pole is for you, and you are super keen to get started send us a message and we will book you in ASAP – You’re going to LOVE it!


We understand trying something new can be daunting, that’s why we’ve created a Trial Class Pass
The best part is, our Trial Class Pass is FREE! - We waive the cost of your first class saving you up to $30!


What Course Should I Book?

Intro 1 is the starting point of our courses. Here you will take your first steps, find your dance confidence, build your core and upper body strength and see how fun Pole Fitness can be!

Our Intro 1 courses run for 4 weeks and start every 4 weeks – running twice per pole term. So that you can get a feel for pole that is long enough to see yourself making progress, with a smaller commitment in time and investment. This is truly for the first time poler and those curious to see what pole is about – a great introduction!



About Our Courses

Our classes are developed with women of all ages and fitness levels in mind. There is something for everyone. Whether you are aspiring to become an advanced poler or just want to have fun playing and moving there is something for you.

Our Pole Dance lessons are an hour long, well organized and led by experienced, caring and inspiring female instructors; so you get the maximum fitness, strength, and learning benefits during your class time, with the right kind of nurturing and support to help you shine.

Our classes are run in courses, which you sign up for in advance, so that you are more motivated, committed and driven to get to class. It becomes a habit & you get better each lesson.

Each course builds on top of the other so that you are continually learning and achieving and can find long term enjoyment out of your pole lessons.

When you sign up for a course you are grouped with women who are just like you, of a similar pole and fitness level to you, so that you can work together, feel inspired, supported and not ever intimidated. You certainly won’t ever feel like a fish out of water!

Our classes have a maximum of 10 participants so that you get plenty of attention from your instructor, being in a small group also helps bring group energy to the class, to inspire you even on your worst day.

Our classes are progressive, you start with the easy stuff and work your way up. Each Pole class includes general fitness and conditioning so that you build the required strength to participate safely in class. With all of this included you don’t need to be particularly strong, confident or flexible to start.


What Do I Wear/Bring?

We’re very casual, so you don’t need to run out and buy anything new or special for your classes.

Our ladies wear normal activewear to class. A t-shirt or singlet top, crop top, shorts (make sure they’re above the knee) and a pair of pants you can move in over the top which you can leave on till you’re ready to take them off.

Please do not moisturise on the day of class as this will affect your body grip on the pole.

In your Pole Bag

Please bring a bottle of water and hand towel to class each week.

I’m not sure if Pole is right for me?

We offer one free trial class to all new students.

These are obligation free, it’s just about removing the barriers and letting you try pole, see what our staff are like, what our studio is like, what the other students are like.

We’d love to show you around so – It is best to contact us well before the next term starts, as places are limited.

Other Questions and Concerns

Do I need to be co-ordinated or have some previous dance experience?

Not at all. The majority of our students have no previous experience in dance or gymnastics and many are not particularly co-ordinated to start. That’s fine, our classes are suitable for all.

Do I need to be super fit to participate in a Pole class?

Definitely not! We work on getting you pole fit and ready slowly and you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time.

What ages are the ladies who attend your classes?

Our students range in age from 16 to 60 plus, the average age groups being young 20’s to late 40’s, but with many ladies in their 50’s and beyond.

Are they all young, skinny and gorgeous?

The short answer to this is NO! Most of our students are normal everyday women and girls like you and from all walks of life – mothers, wives, business women and uni students. Even our Instructors came from the same place as you. We are not ex-showgirls or strippers, we’re just normal women like you.

I’m a bit shy about coming to class alone. What do you suggest?

Don’t be shy. Loads of girls come on their own and you’re bound to make some fantastic new friends in class – and I promise you we don’t bite.

Will I feel self-conscious or embarassed when attending classes?

When you first park the car and make your way to the door for your first class, you’re bound to feel a little self-conscious, but remember so are all the other girls in the class. As mentioned above – loads of girls come on their own, we’re all normal people looking for a few laughs and a way of keeping in shape. You’re not alone.

What are the poles made from, will it hold me?

Our poles are made from marine grade stainless steel with high quality fittings and bearings. They are permanently secured to the concrete ceiling and floor and are regularly inspected and maintained. Our Beginners content is designed to safely build your strength and confidence, so you will not be placing huge amounts of force on either your body parts or the pole. Our aim is to keep you safe; we do this through high safety standards, quality programming and class management.


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