Circus Classes

Ever think of running away to the circus?

Training tricks like you’re in the big top is a-mazing for building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination… just to name a few!

Join our tribe and learn fun and dynamic tricks on Aerial Yoga hammocks, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Aerial Silks or Static Trapeze.

Read about each genre of circus we offer below


Class Descriptions

Intro To Aerials

Circus “Aerials” is a term used describe pieces of circus equipment that are based in the air, as opposed to ground based skills like tumbling and acrobatics.

Our Intro to Aerials course is your starting point to learning how to be an Aerialist. This class uses all of the air based circus equipment that we have here at Vivid Vertical Fitness and provides you opportunity to learn essential skills on each one.

In any class you could be learning how to climb the Aerial Silks, how to do Hammock skills and transitions, how to make pretty shapes in a Lyra or playing on the Static Trapeze. 

Each class focuses on body conditioning using the apparatus so you can become stronger and navigate the aerial equipment safely.

You learn tricks, combinations and enjoy a busy circuit style fitness and conditioning session.

Perfect for beginners!


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a style of air based play which combines elements from Yoga and elements of Circus using a suspended loop of Aerial Fabric known as a Hammock.

Get ready to stretch and strengthen your body. These classes will also involve pretty poses, the option to grow by linking together your movements and for the tricksters the occasional hammock (circus style) wrap, drop, flip or pose.

Also a great class for beginners!



(Aerial Hoop)

The Aerial Hoop (also known as the Lyra) is a circular metal apparatus (resembling a Hula Hoop) suspended in the air, on which we perform tricks. 

You will learn cool ways to get up onto the Lyra, beautiful tricks below the Lyra (“Bottom Bar Skills”), Inside the Lyra, even ON TOP of the Lyra (“Top Bar Skills”) and of course, how to dismount safely. 

You will then be asked to put these skills into different transitions and combinations, for even more fun!



(Aerial Fabric/Tissu)

Aerial Silks class will have you climbing to 7m in the air, learning how to entwine your body in intricate “locks” and “wraps” in the fabric, which suspend your body while you create different shapes and poses.

Silks class can also involve dynamic drops and tumbles.

Our carefully curated curriculum keeps you safe in the air as you slowly build the required strength and body tension to be successful.

In silks class our goal is to not just climb the silk, but do it as gracefully and energy efficiently as possible so we can then complete our beautiful wraps, poses and drops.

Silks is truely an art form and addictive as you become one with your apparatus.

Unless specified as a Beginner Class on the Timetable, you may need to complete a few rounds of Intro to Aerials to have the required pre-requisites for this genre.



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