VVF COVID-19 UPDATE – March 22

March 22 2020 11:45AM

As you can imagine this has been a hugely stressful and uncertain time.

Each day we have been waiting for any new announcements from the Australian government regarding COVID-19 and actioning any advice given immediately.

Our main concern is keeping our staff and students safe while on our premises enjoying our activities.

We have decided to pause all classes for this coming week – March 23-29 2020.

We didn’t make this decision lightly. As each day passes, new regulations are being put in place which pose a new challenge for our management and staff.

Currently, we are waiting on cleaning and sanitary supplies to arrive. This has been a difficult task as everyone is trying to purchase the same supplies.

By pausing classes for a week, we will get 2 extra professional studio cleans in while no-one is there and give the supplies we have ordered a chance to arrive. It will also give us more time to formalize policies and procedures.

Our goal is to find the best solutions to continue in business for the long term, while maintaining a high standard of care. We care most for everyone’s health and safety.

With the ability to stop being reactive and giving our management some extra time to put more proactive measures in place, we can make a more long term solution to keeping VVF running with OH&S and hygiene practices appropriate for this unprecedented event.

At this point, we are extending the term by one week to accomodate for the closure. We are aware of the payment schedules of all of our students and we will ensure that you have credits to attend classes you already paid, and we won’t continue charging you should we need to close for longer.

We will keep you updated as events that may effect class delivery unfold.

Stay safe ♥️