Woo! Week 8 celebration is nearly upon us. This term our theme week is super special.

We will be celebrating what it means to live your brightest life in a festival we call

Viva La Vivid is a term our girls in Silver came up with when they heard the news that we were rebranding. I loved it and it has stuck with us since 2017.


Roughly translated “Viva La” means ‘To Live’ and matched with our studio name Vivid which means:


You can see how Viva La Vivid suits our studio, as our goal is to have you living your brightest and best life and embracing who it is that you really are.  STRONG, POWERFUL, ENERGETIC, VIVACIOUS, LIVELY, DYNAMIC and ZESTFUL.


During Festival week, Viva La Vivid, we are asking you to dress in a way that speaks to your heart. Let’s your wild spirit run free. Breaks out from the corporate box or the shackles that society or other people have placed on us and unleashes that carefree gypsy inside.

Bright, fun, colourful, glittery, the floor is yours. Make our theme whatever it means to you. 


It’s not really about WHAT you wear. It is the ATTITUDE and meaning behind the festival that we want you to embrace next week. 


In the words of Rebecca Campbell in her book Rise Sister Rise… 


“How can you let more of your crazy, wild, passionate, sexual, fierce, powerful self out?”


“What if your “too much” was something that didn’t need fixing, rather, it was your gift?” 


In the traditional week 8 way we will again take photos and videos of our progress. Share these with our community or keep them for yourself as a reminder of where you started, where you are at and where you aspire to be.


However we will also week 8 for :

Interesting Women

Outspoken Women

Courageous Women

Fierce Women 

Women who know their power

And the Men who protect her…

…The ladies and gents that fill the walls of our studio. 


Love Jessie xo