Welcome to the Jungle!

How do you celebrate your training goals?

Here at VVF we have a fun take on tracking our progress. If you have seen our photos or videos from our end of term celebrations, you’re probably wondering why we wear fun costumes and play up in front of the camera?


It’s simple. We dress up, we take photos (if you choose to of course) and we recognise each and every group member for their efforts.

It forms a part of our visual diary and prompts us to stop, and take stock of what we have actually accomplished in 2 month blocks. By dressing up and shedding inhibitions, you’re more likely to feel like participating and to share the results. The photos become a true talking point.

If you want, you can go incognito in a mask or suit and wha-la you’re able to relax and enjoy the process. Realistically, no one is hugely excited about taking a picture of themselves in workout gear. It’s also massively fun accessing your creativity and being part of a group.

Here’s a quick video of us celebrating term 3, 2018 & kicking goals! Yeah!

To all my VVF wild animals, you are superstars! We have enjoyed watching your progress during term 3 and can’t wait to see the results over our Winter term. Next theme week is Witches and Wizards, so start putting your thinking caps on, watch your favourite shows, read your favourite books or search the Internet for some fun ideas!

Until next time…

Jessie xx